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Family Farm Group Meeting – James Reynolds in Attendance

Revolution is underway in the world of farming politics In the wake of mass protests across continental Europe, the age-old conflict between agriculture and bureaucratic power has reached a fever-pitch….

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Statement on recent comments by Fianna Fáil Councillor Azad Tulakder

“I’d like to see them shot in the head or bring the public in and beat them until they die,” — Cllr Azad Talukder, Fianna Fáil The National Party condemns…

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Righteous Anger in Dublin and the Need for a Political Solution

The brutal stabbing of primary-school-aged children in Dublin purportedly by an Algerian national should not be overshadowed by subsequent events which occurred in the city centre. The horrendous and wicked…

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No compromise on the road to victory

We often hear that perhaps we should be “more realistic” and compromise on basic positions in order to “win over people” or even worse “get more positive media coverage”. We…

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A Separatist Tradition: Irish Nationalism in the 21st Century

“It thus appears that Ireland has been Separatist up to the beginning of the generation that is now growing old. Separatism, in fact, is the national position. Whenever an Irish…


Keelings: Picking Away At Ireland

I’m sure the Keelings controversy hasn’t gone under the radar of anybody who’s been keeping in touch over the past few days. While Irishmen and Irishwomen are prohibited from going…


Overview of Mass-Immigration in Ireland: Part III – Citizenship Ceremonies

The effects of mass-immigration on Irish nationhood have been immense, and nowhere is that so evident as in the much vaunted Citizenship Ceremonies which began in 2011. These events have…

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Overview of Mass-Immigration in Ireland: Part II – The Recession Years

In this section we will look at the period after the economic downturn and how immigration (including the immigration which had already occurred) combined with large scale native emigration to…

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The Attack on Nationality and Community in Modern Ireland

My younger sister graduated from primary school today and having a lot of locals in the parish hall celebrating really made me think about community. From my experience with spending…


What can be done about the housing crisis?

What can be done about the housing crisis? It helps to use some numbers to describe the recent state of the Irish housing market. Current estimates for the required housing…