Óige Náisiúnach

Óige Náisiúnach (Nationalist Youth) is the Youth Wing of An Páirtí Náisiúnta │ The National Party. We exist to promote the Irish National Idea. The idea that in all matters, whether economic, cultural or spiritual, the survival of the nation must take precedence. Only though natural solidarity can we redeem Irish society of its current malaise and decadence.

We must offer the youth of Ireland a cause and an ideal greater than themselves, greater than the glitzy, momentary highs of a transient, disposable culture. The nation is not a disposable entity. And the youth of the nation are not an expendable resource in an international market. A nation is a people above all else. And no policy of social or economic value can be enacted otherwise. When we can no longer see ourselves as a people, Ireland will cease to exist.

Since the foundation of the twenty-six county State and the partition of this island, each successive generation has been betrayed by the last. Cast like debris upon the winds of the world. Pettiness, greed and folly have been the hallmarks of Irish misgovernance. The children of the “Celtic Tiger” now face the final dissolution of their national birthright, in the post-Irish Ireland of the Liberal sell-outs.

In their school classrooms or on their university campuses, in their struggle to find employment or in their struggle to find a home, the youth of Ireland are now the dispossessed. They are burdened by an inheritance of debt and are guinea pigs in a flaunted multicultural experiment which has failed everywhere else and will fail here. Their national identity is attacked and demeaned daily by a venal media regime, by a vassal government, and by a myriad of global and business interests.

It is our youth who man the front lines of this final assault, who carry in their hearts the flame which will endure or will perish. If this line breaks, Ireland breaks. And with it the hitherto unbroken spirit of all past generations. The energising potential of any society springs perennially from its youth. Therefore we call upon the youth of Ireland to take ownership of the National Idea and carry it forward into an Irish future.

Ar Dheis ar Aghaidh!