About the National Party

The National Party was founded in 2016.

The National Party is active throughout the 32 Counties and, since its inception, has held conferences and events throughout the island of Ireland. National Party representatives have appeared on television and radio promoting the policies and ideals of the Party.

The National Party is best known for advocating a reversal of the mass-immigration policies of the past 20 years and the insistence that Ireland remain a homeland for the Irish people.


In 2018 the National Party campaigned for a “No” Vote in the Irish Abortion Referendum. Launched in Dublin in February of that year, the “Abortion Never” initiative involved a large postering campaign throughout the 26 counties.

Since its foundation, the National Party has proposed a Hungarian-style approach to Ireland’s relationship to the European Union.

In 2019 the National Party expanded its cumann organisation and worked with rural communities to oppose the imposition of Direct Provision centres.



In 2020, the National Party ran 10 candidates in a snap General Election. While no candidate was elected, the experience provided excellent building blocks for local organisation in those constituencies, especially in Dublin.

When Covid Lockdowns came into full force shortly after this, the National Party was front and centre in condemning the importation hundreds of foreign workers to pick fruit while most Irish people were under virtual house arrest.

Later in the year, the National Party campaigned through protests, leafleting and petitions, for the removal from office of Roderic O’Gorman, Minister for Children, on the grounds of his association with Peter Tatchell.

Since late 2020, the National Party has campaigned for an end to disproportionate lockdown restrictions on Irish domestic life.

The National Party has and continues to campaign for the preferencing of Irish nationals in areas such as housing.

Through its cumann structures the National Party has been involved with local communities and protest groups, cooperating on issues such as housing, direct provision, mental health and homelessness.

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About the National Party

The Principles of the National Party

The fundamental principles on which the National Party is based are summarised below.

1. The National Party believes that the territory of Ireland consists of the whole island of Ireland, its islands and the territorial seas

2. Revival of the Irish language

3. Opposition to Mass Immigration and a Commitment to Remigration

4. Insistence on the Rights of the Unborn Child

5. An Adversarial Approach to the EU

6. Nation Before State

7. Monetary Reform

8. A Constitutional Republic

9. Criminal Reform and the Restoration of Capital Punishment

10. Indigenous Enterprise, Home Ownership and Private Property

11. The Empowerment of Local Government

For the full and detailed list of the Principles of the National Party