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Our Vision

An Páirtí Náisiúnta is an Irish nationalist party dedicated to the fulfilment of the Irish national idea. We believe in the Irish people, our right to exist as a nation and our right to defend and lay claim to our homeland. We seek an Ireland united, Irish and free.

We stand against the criminal financial institutions which have enslaved future generations of Irish men and women to debt without end. We stand against the corrupt and amoral establishment who push replacement level immigration which will in time completely destroy Irish nationality. We stand against the project of a federated European Superstate which is explicitly anti-national and therefore anti-Irish. And most of all we stand against the decay of national spirit at the heart of our society.

The men and women who died for Ireland fought always against that most insidious of enemies, the enemy within; the corruption of the national spirit by foreign ideas, interests and outlooks, all of which are in evidence today in that assembly of traitors called Dáil Éireann. What the men of 1916 saw as the coarse grubby materialism of the British Empire is at large in our own time in the form of international liberalism which infects the whole western world.

Each nation must choose for themselves whether they will stand against the tide of national dissolution, which sweeps away peoples, homelands and traditions. Will Ireland live or die, endure or vanish? That question will be answered in this generation. As long as there is an Ireland to defend and love and unite, the fight must go on.

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