“I’d like to see them shot in the head or bring the public in and beat them until they die,” — Cllr Azad Talukder, Fianna Fáil

The National Party condemns in the strongest terms the calls from Fianna Fáil councillor and Cathaoirleach of Limerick, Azad Talukder, last Monday 27th November 2023, to murder in cold blood Irish people.

It is highly disturbing that Talukder felt comfortable enough to make these comments during a council meeting. Talukder said himself in an interview with Live95 on June 19th 2023 that “I am the first person in 800+ years, who has [sic] elected as a Cathaoirleach from different ethnicity, colour and religious background”.

Talukder evidently has no respect for the Irish people, calling for Irish citizens to be executed without trial on our streets. No amount of backpedalling can change the fact that this is what people like him believe. Those who share his vile rhetoric and support homicidal state-tyranny should be nowhere near the reigns of power in this country.

This government intends to force through totalitarian speech laws to criminalise dissent against their anti-Irish regime. All the while, their own councillors feel they can openly call for the extrajudicial killing of Irish people.

We must unreservedly reject this vile rhetoric and a Nationalist government must come to power to protect our people from men like Talukder and people his rhetoric may inspire. The National Party will protect Irish people, and those who make open calls for them to be killed should & will feel the full weight of the law bearing down upon them.

The National Party calls for Talukder to immediately resign for these comments.

Any man who wants to see Irish citizens “shot in the head” or beaten to death should not hold any position of political power over them.