The brutal stabbing of primary-school-aged children in Dublin purportedly by an Algerian national should not be overshadowed by subsequent events which occurred in the city centre.

The horrendous and wicked nature of the crime itself has been universally condemned and prompted nation-wide shock. The National Party joins in this national feeling of sympathy for the victims. However, the nationality of the alleged perpetrator absolutely is relevant.

Following from the recent Josef Puska conviction, there has been a groundswell of organic feeling that enough is enough. Ireland’s open borders immigration policy has allowed the dregs of foreign countries to settle in Ireland, often being entitled to housing and welfare whilst Irish people struggle. Liberals and leftists seeking to equivocate by claiming “Irish people also commit crimes” have no foot to stand on given the unparalleled and barbaric nature of yesterday’s attack.

In the aftermath of reports on this crime, a spontaneous feeling of outrage and passion spurred ordinary people to assemble in the city centre to protest. This soon transformed into a riot, as has been widely reported in Ireland and internationally.

The media, political elites, and Garda Commissioner have all described yesterday’s riot as being led by the “far-right”. This term has become so overused that it has lost all meaning. It has been shamefully applied to ordinary citizens who have expressed their opposition to continued mass-immigration and the treatment of Irish people as second-class citizens.

The protest/riot in Dublin was a spontaneous and organic response to the nature of this horrendous crime and the revelation that the alleged perpetrator was a “guest” in this country. Whilst the National Party does not endorse any illegal activity, yesterday evening’s events were an outburst of passion in response to overt injustice.

To describe yesterday’s events as far-right-led is absurd and patently untrue. This lie has been peddled by political elites to disguise the reality that large swathes of the working-class have revolted against a policy which puts Irish people last. As for the left, they are eager to condemn the working-class as “lumpen” elements allied with the “far-right” to cope with the fact they have been abandoned by their supposed traditional base.

The National Party believes a political solution is the only available option to address the existential problem of the impact of mass-immigration. We will be fielding candidates in the next election cycle to give a voice to the voiceless and to channel people’s righteous indignation into a productive electoral vehicle.