Óige Náisiúnach Delegates Address Meeting of Italian Nationalist Group Casaggì

Recently, members of the National Party & Óige Náisiúnach were hosted at the national headquarters of Casaggì, an Italian Nationalist activist organisation.

Delegates present were given a tour of the premises, and were highly impressed at the large number of various Irish Nationalist iconography adorning the walls.

Delegates were also informed of Pasaggio Al Bosco, the publishing house of Casaggì, which has translated & published a number of works of Irish patriots, including a biography on Pádraig Pearse as well as the Diary of Bobby Sands.

The first area of discussion between the delegates & our hosts was the pressing issue of language decline & Anglicization/Americanization, a serious problem, not only in Ireland but in Italy and across Europe as well.

“Our separate & distinct languages are what clearly mark & define us as unique peoples of Europe.

Essentially, we are similar, but not the same.”

A focus was placed on the importance of the distinct identities of European peoples, while pointing out the commonality of the many serious issues plaguing our nations, as well as the shared struggle many Nationalists across the continent face in actualising a sovereign state.

“We, as Irish Nationalists, cannot save the Italian people, nor can Casaggì hope to rally the Irish nation to its banner. But in our fight against this globalist tyranny, we stand united. Our struggles will be fought separately, together.”

The prevailing sense of Nationalist comraderie at Casaggì, as well as ideological fortitude fostered by the group through their literary circle, is impressive and surely a credit to their organisation, offering a hopeful view of the future of nationalism in Italy.

We once again would like to thank Casaggì for hosting NP & ÓN delegates, and we look forward to further cooperation with our Nationalist friends & compatriots all over the continent.

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