We often hear that perhaps we should be “more realistic” and compromise on basic positions in order to “win over people” or even worse “get more positive media coverage”. We are told that we should not be so “extreme” on the issue of immigration and the general degeneracy destroying our society. Such advice is either provided from a position of malice or from ignorance.

Such weak unprincipled positions are a path to ruin. Compromise on basic tenets always leads to sell-out and ruination. A weak position on immigration, for example, always leads to where we are now. It starts with “sure we need a few extra workers and that’ll be good because they do the jobs nobody else wants” etc and ends in massive demographic transformation. It leads to the destruction of the indigenous people, our heritage and culture. It leads to high crime, escalating sexual attacks on women and girls and the general breakdown of society.

The system works on the basis of incrementalism. We are here in this disaster because of incrementalism, now it’s absolutely full on and overwhelming and more people notice. Ireland is in the position were we can look at other countries that have been planted with third world immigrants. Countries who have been infected with multiculturalism. We can look to France, England, Sweden, the USA. Nowhere has this multiculturalism worked out, everywhere has seen the destruction of once thriving, homogeneous societies.

What is happening now has been coming for a long time. They’ve been working away, grinding down any opposition, bit by bit. It’s now so bad that you have people who apparently oppose this system saying “well we’ll accept a small amount of immigration”. Things are so bad and so out of control that people cry out “let’s go back!”. We cannot turn the clock back nor do we want to. Liberal society is the illness and a reinvigorated and ideologically focused Nationalism is the cure.

If we don’t maintain a completely zero tolerance position to it all, then we’ll be on the road to nowhere. The population are being moved to accept more and more destruction of our world. Our task is to remain unbending in the face of this destruction, to remain steadfast and push forward with a clear resolve that we don’t want to have any of it. This is how we shift the “Overton window” in the right direction. Compromise leads to further compromise, so must be avoided.

We stand categorically and fundamentally on the eternal truth that Ireland belongs to the Irish. This cannot and will not change. As our leader, Justin Barrett, recently commented, being Irish is not a matter of choice. It’s not something that can be bestowed upon someone. It can’t be awarded to someone through a document, such as a passport.

I can hear the screams already from the anti-Irish enemy. Those who scream loudest of course are the most tightly knit, ethnic group on earth. A small group of financier’s, bankers, media moguls and academics who have displaced the indigenous people from an ancient land and have created an unapologetically ethnic State there. Indeed, this particular Racial group are busy creating laws throughout the Western world to criminalise anyone who dares question or criticise them and their State.

Today we stand, as Nationalists have always stood, for Ireland and Ireland only. Our struggle is the struggle that our ancestors fought and died for. We organise towards the establishment of a Gaelstát. With a young vibrant movement, we strive confidently towards a future our ancestors will be proud of. Our vision of a future Ireland is the creation of a living thriving Nation, that is not held prisoner by the vultures who own the monetary system.

The nightmare that is being foisted upon us by the international financier’s and their leftist puppets can only be ended by our perseverance, resilience and being tirelessly active in pursuit of our goal. Victory can only be achieved by an organised, cohesive and committed movement. The National Party remains steadfast and ready for the momentous task ahead. What is being done to us and our Nation can be undone. We can dismantle and reverse this situation. We can stop the policy’s of mass immigration and send those who’ve been brought here back to their land of origin.


Ar Dheis Ar Aghaidh!



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