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The Year So Far: National Party 2021 in Pictures

Members of the National Party's Dublin cumann at the Wolfe Tone statue in Stephen's Green, Dublin City. Members of the National Party's Galway Cumann at the Liam Mellows statue in...
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Nationalism for a Sustainable Future

Everyone agrees on one thing. The world is on the brink of tumultuous change. But where are we going? And who is making the decisions on our behalf? Breaking Point:…

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Liam Mellows: Soldier and Politician

Abstract Born in England to a British Army father and a mother from Wexford, Liam Mellows and his family returned to Ireland when he was a young child. From an…

Irish nationalism

Rejecting the Politics of Nostalgia

Is Nationalism Nostalgic? The accusation is made that nationalism is nostalgic; that it is merely a reactionary longing for an idealised past. But this misrepresents both nationalism and nostalgia. The…

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Fine Gael have no claim to Michael Collins, says Justin Barrett

The following is from a press release issued by the National Party on 23 August, 2020: Fine Gael have no claim to Michael Collins, says Justin Barrett The National Party…

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A Separatist Tradition: Irish Nationalism in the 21st Century

“It thus appears that Ireland has been Separatist up to the beginning of the generation that is now growing old. Separatism, in fact, is the national position. Whenever an Irish…

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Irish History Is Targeted for Demolition

The recent American fad for toppling statues has finally reached Ireland. Among the targets for demolition are a monument to Christopher Columbus in Galway City and a plaque to Richard…

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The Nationalist End of History: What Kind of Irish Unity?

Principle no. 1: The National Party believes that the territory of Ireland consists of the whole island of Ireland, its islands and the territorial seas. Unity is not an endpoint….