“It is this imagery that 1916 is built around… the notion of resurrection. And in particular the idea that a Nation does not simply rise but must raise itself!” — Justin Barrett, Ceannaire an Pháirtí Náisiúnta

Today, we are faced with the biggest threat to our very existence. Today, we are witnessing the complete betrayal of the Irish people and the destruction of our ancient homeland, carried out by a self-interested political/ managerial class. These are the arbitrators of public consensus, the so-called “elites” of our society. This country is presently being swamped by a planter population brought in and supported by the Irish state apparatus. The purpose of this invasion is multifaceted but from a very basic economic perspective it creates high rents, high house prices and low wages. The disgusting traitors in Leinster House do what they are told by their financial backers and do all in their power to destroy the Irish Nation. Let’s be very clear, sides are chosen in this war for existence. The established political class, Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Greens, all of them, have chosen the side of the rootless international financiers and have set their task to the destruction of Ireland. To oppose these traitors and to choose the side of Ireland we must embrace uncompromising Nationalism.

To respond to this treachery, to try to recapture our ancient homeland and to build a future for our children and the unborn generations, we must be prepared to give our full commitment, we must be prepared to accept the need for self-sacrifice, of our time and energy. In this historic moment our task is to build a movement so undaunted that it shakes the very foundations of the corrupted centre. We must be relentless in our pursuit of bringing hope and inspiration to our people through our actions and activities. Our people are lost and directionless. They feel hopelessness. They see the transformation of their towns and villages and they’re terrified about what is coming. We know what “multiculturalism” means: high crime, broken communities, unsafe streets, natives becoming second class citizens in their own homeland. The cult of “Diversity” means hatred against the native Irish, our culture and our heritage. Laws are introduced to privilege the planters and discriminate against the natives. “Hate speech” laws are created to stop people from discussing what is being done to us.

While the enemies of Ireland are building the structures to make Ireland an inhospitable place for the indigenous Irish, the latter are orientating themselves to a much more focused, organised and disciplined force. In villages, towns and cities across the island of Ireland, the National Party is present and is organising. The Party represents the soul of Irish Nationalism, which is much much older than the creation of the current Irish political state. It is the very DNA, the bloodlines of our people.

Today in Ireland this unstoppable force of Nationalism is driven by the energy of our youth. Our youth are being bombarded daily with the sickness of decaying liberalism. They are being driven to believe in their own destruction. They are being screamed at by the decadent, degenerate media. They are told that they have no culture, that they must roll over and give up their birthright to foreign interlopers who often despise them. They are encouraged to abandon all hope that they may have a future. They are encouraged to denigrate their ancestors, to denigrate their claim to nationality, to denigrate their heritage. In short they are encouraged to hate themselves and embrace their own eradication.

What is building, however, is a counter to that poison. Nationalism is the antidote. The National Party, reflecting that historic undying soul of Nationalist resistance, hearing the cry of our people, feeling the pain of our loss, organises towards liberation from this disaster. The National Party reaches out to our people and consoles them that all is not lost, it is not too late. We have only the need of strength. In this society that exists today we have been trained to fear and therefore to play it safe. We are trained to fear being called a “racist” or a “fascist” for standing up for ourselves and our people. We are trained to remain docile and unmoved when we see our homeland being taken from us and our future slipping away. We are trained to fear being “unliked”, being “isolated”, “not getting on”, however, all of that is happening already. As native Irish we are being isolated in our own homeland, we are being made feel unwelcome in the country of our ancestors. We listen everyday as our corrupt media sneers and jeers at the native Irish, they tell us that we have no culture, they teach our children in schools that being a “White European” is bad but at the same time chain us to this inescapable category. They try to intimidate us into inaction by threatening us with chaos and negative consequences. What they seem not to realise is that we are already living with that situation. The only thing that this crumbling society has left are threats, their future vision is a nightmare. They have absolutely nothing to offer the indigenous youth. The native Irish youth have nothing to fear from these cowards and traitors, they have nothing to lose and everything to win.

The vision of the National Party offers resurrection. We stand for a resurgent Irish manhood; a manhood who are not intimidated, who have not been bought off, who do not want the sickness and the trinkets that this society offers. The dream held by our Martyrs is still within the hearts of millions of our people. To achieve this dream and make it a living reality we must abandon the culture of selfishness and despair which dominates and instead strive towards the creation of a culture of commitment, dedication, discipline and self-sacrifice. We must be prepared to give of ourselves. To give our time, whatever time we can possibly give, and our energy to leave everything out on the field, because this is no mere game, we are playing for keeps. Winner takes all. Everyone has their own part to play and no part is too big or too small.

We are conscious everyday of the momentous changes that are being forced on our people and our country, we know that the clock is ticking. We are aware also that as our enemies accelerate the destruction of our homeland, so too grows the number of our people who wake up to it.

The National Party is the vehicle through which our dream of a future for our people can be achieved. There is no time to wait for someone else to rescue you. You cannot “wait for the collapse”. To fulfil the ancient dream of an Ireland for the Irish, requires you. Get active with your local cumann, become the person your ancestors would be proud of.

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