The following is an interview exchange carried out with a young Irish nationalist and member of the National Party.

Interviewer: So first off, I’d like to ask you why you joined the National Party?

Stiofán: I’ve just recently finished school and made the decision that if I or any of my family and friends are to have a future here then we’re going to have to seize back our homeland. The National Party are the one unapologetic Nationalist movement in Ireland, they are the only organised force capable of achieving something genuinely radical. I joined the NP because they understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, who’s responsible and how to fix it.

Interviewer: What were the circumstances that brought you to this conclusion? Obviously at the minute your views are not fashionable.

Stiofán: Specifically I am aware that there’s a relentless attack against us, our way of life, the traditional family, a culture of degeneracy is pushed from school-level up, our very right to exist is being openly threatened. In the town where I grew up there’s been a huge influx of foreign nationals, year on year, that has totally changed what it’s like to live here. This goes on without any consideration of how it’ll affect cohesion or demographics or local identity. Nobody was asked or consulted about it. It just happened. If a person tried to build a house without planning permission, you know the State would intervene on the grounds that the building affected the locality for other people. But we’re seeing wholesale transformation of localities and communities without any process or consent. It just doesn’t add up. The things that we should value the most, don’t seem to get any consideration at all. Our home towns are being taken from us. My own town is almost unrecognisable now. What used to be a small rural town, a homogeneous Irish country town, where everyone knew one another or knew of a connection or relative, it is now filling up with people who have no connection here going back more than a few months or years. What will happen when the majority of people in the area have no roots going back more than a decade or two? What kind of Irish society is that? What relation will it have to its own history?

Interviewer: Why do you think this is happening?

Stiofán: Our country is being deliberately planted with foreigners. I say “deliberately” because any dog in the street is conscious of what’s happening. You can pick up a newspaper or look at the census data and see that Irish people are already the minority is certain towns and areas of Ireland. The politicians can talk like it’s some inevitable process but, at the end of the day, if you’re not allowed to say “No” then it has to be deliberate. Any discussion of immigration has been shut down or excluded. They boast about it even. Cutting off all discussion of a process is the same as supporting that process. Everyone can see what is happening so of course it’s deliberate.

Interviewer: Why is it supported?

Stiofán: Mass-immigration is supported for all kinds of reasons, economic and ideological. But ultimately it’s part of a broader globalist agenda which we see happening in every Western country. It’s an attack on nation states and traditional ways of life. Divide and conquer. Homogeneous societies are strong and cohesive. I’m not claiming Ireland was some paradise before mass-immigration. It clearly wasn’t. We had clowns in government then too. But there was a core of potential there. There was something you could tap into if you had the right type of people in charge. But a multicultural society is weak, divisive and easily ruled.

Interviewer: What other problems arise from mass-immigration?

Stiofán: The people who are brought here, know nothing of our ancient homeland. They don’t want to know our culture, our heritage or our history. And why should they? All they see is a complacent people giving away their country to foreigners. Why should they care if we don’t even seem to care? They arrive with a chip on their shoulder. Irish people are a joke to them. They have no respect for us or our history because they’re brought here as basically twenty-first century colonial planters. If they claim asylum here they are given free houses, free money, free school, free clothes. But these things are not free, Irish people pay for them. All of it comes at a terrible cost to us, not just financial. Jobs become scarce, wages get lower, the housing crisis accelerates, doctor waiting lists increase, hospital waiting lists increase, crime increases. There are no benefits to the Irish people. The things which are sold to us as benefits are just short-term excuses. In the long-term we lose everything. At the rate of present immigration we will become a minority in our own homeland in the next 30 years.

Interviewer: You mentioned work and jobs. Have you personal experience?

Stiofán: In my local town, myself and most young people who wanted part time summer work used to get it, no problem, but now the town has been flooded with cheap foreign labour and the local businesses are incentivised by the State to employ immigrants, this means less employment for locals and a lowering of wages and worker conditions. It also changes expectations. Part of growing up was earning a bit of money working at the local shop or whatever. Now the expectation is that foreigners work in service industry jobs. As time goes on, that just becomes the norm. Think of how damaging that is for a society.

Interviewer: Do you and your friends discuss these issues and what that means for your future?

Stiofán: Yes, we have had very heated discussions. Sadly many of them are so programmed by the mass-media that they just trot out the same clichés about, “Helping refugees” or, “Didn’t the Irish go abroad?” Unfortunately, these individuals may well wake up to reality too late.

Interviewer: Are you the only Nationalist in your social group of friends?

Stiofán: No, a few friends are definitely clued in to what is going on. One friend, whose family are pretty clued in, is too intimidated to make the step over just now. His family are tied up in self-interested pursuits. They think they can retreat somehow… grow their vegetables and keep a few hens and avoid the coming catastrophe. I’ve nothing against growing your own food, I potter a bit at it myself. It’s a good thing in and of itself. However, the reality is that if things get very bad and the State or whoever else want to come and take your veg and hens and you are not politically organised, then you’re in serious trouble.

Interviewer: That’s a very pertinent but perhaps controversial point you raise. Many within what can very loosely be described as “the right” are presently promoting self-producing your own food as a means of fighting the system.

Stiofán: I’m very much in favour of growing your own food and trying as best we can to be self-sustaining. However, it’s not an answer to the problems we’re facing. A well organised political force is the only answer.

Interviewer: Many believe that the system is on the brink of a huge economic collapse. Do you hold the same opinion?

Stiofán: Yes, I do think we are heading into a collapse of the system as we’ve known it. There seems to be more and more signs of that. The globalist cabal know something is coming and that’s why they talk about things like the “Great Reset”. It takes times of crisis to push through so much change. They think in terms of seismic shifts like the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And how they can manage populations under those conditions. But the more they try to micromanage change towards some Utopian goal, the more of a technocratic nightmare it will be for anyone who values humanity and the natural world.

Interviewer: Change is coming then. One way or another.

Stiofán: Hard times are very close but we’ve had very hard times before and the State readjusted itself and carried on. I believe that was due to the fact that there was not a tightly organised, cohesive, unwavering, movement, that was ready and waiting to seize the opportunity, in the golden moment of crisis. In those circumstances the moment of crisis came and it couldn’t be capitalised on and the moment passed.

Interviewer: Your emphasis appears to be on an organised political movement?

Stiofán: Exactly. The one thing that makes a difference is organisation. Having a crew of people who are united around an idea and who are loyal to it. You can have a million protests but if they aren’t directing people into something lasting, then what’s the point? If you look at RTÉ or any of the mainstream media outlets, what purpose are they serving if not bolstering the mainstream political system? They aren’t just pushing an agenda. They aren’t just pushing the latest issue. The newscycle comes and the newscycle goes but at the end of it they’re upholding the institutions of power. What you see on the right in Ireland is that everybody fixates on the latest news event, or the latest big issue, but when the newscycle moves on, there’s nothing to show for it ever. If you’re not constantly building up an organisation, then you’re left building from scratch every time.

Interviewer: How do you see that political movement crystallising in Ireland?

Stiofán: The National Party represent that political movement. The National Party is that vehicle. That’s why I joined. The Party is not just another political party vying with other political parties to get a worthless seat at a table controlled by globalists. The National Party represents the undying soul of Irish Nationalism. When a collapse happens we will be in the position to seize the opportunity. We will be ready to present an alternative because we will have prepared for that eventuality. We have a plan, a programme to get us out of this mess… If a collapse occurs there will be fear and chaos, the State apparatus will attempt to reset itself to implement the aims and objectives of their globalist paymasters. However, we will be organised effectively to lead the country in the direction of a nationalist alternative. A nationalist reset.

Interviewer: You appear fairly optimistic despite the troubled times we live in.

Stiofán: Of course everyone has their moments of doubt, perhaps even despair. However, for me, thank God, such feelings are fleeting. I’m afraid, naturally, for the future. If I wasn’t afraid I’d be a fool. My fear for the future motivates me. Fear should not hold you back. People are afraid to speak out against what is being done to us. People are afraid to “rock the boat”. They’re afraid to be called names like racist or Nazi because they stand up for themselves and their people. They live in fear everyday, slowly dying with shame that they do nothing. This society is gripped with fear, it’s the only thing that keeps this disaster show going. However, the reality is that while they’re afraid of speaking out or joining the NP their lives get worse and their future gets further taken from them. There is no escape from this. There is either surrender or victory.

Interviewer: How do you see the future?

Stiofán: My future vision is an Ireland for the Irish. A vision that is shared with my ancestors. As I mentioned, I strongly believe that the NP is the only effective vehicle capable of fulfilling that dream, a dream that was held by all our Patriot dead. The NP is the only Nationalist movement in Ireland today and I don’t believe we will waver or compromise on that. We are a political, social and cultural movement. Our policy is a complete “Nationalist Reset”. The NP don’t just want to tweak the system. We want to reorganise entirely the way things are done. Our country is in a terrible mess because it is controlled ultimately by international finance capital. We are in unending debt because of the tiny cabal who own the banking system. The whole monetary system is in the hands of our enemies. It is not something magical, that has its own existence. It is owned and controlled by a tiny minority of people. The international monetary system controlled by a handful of people must go. Through our actions, we want to bring about a homeland that cherishes and prioritises the Native Irish people. Ireland belongs to the Irish, that is an irrefutable truth, no amount of lies from traitors and their media can change this. The future belongs to those prepared to conquer it. Through our actions we hope to bring about the reconquest of Ireland.

Interviewer: Thanks very much for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Stiofán: Thanks for the opportunity to speak. I’m very proud that I made the decision to join the NP. I feel honoured to be part of a Nationalist movement currently engaged in the creation of history. We are not simply standing watching what is happening but actively engaged in bringing about a new Ireland. There is never “the right moment”, there is no time to sit back and wait. People who support us, who agree with us, need to join us. We are engaged in a life and death struggle, if you choose to sit it out then you have surrendered. People need to just overcome their fear and join us and get active. You can’t hide from this, they openly celebrate that we’re being replaced. The NP is an active movement and we want you to get active with us and together we’ll take back our homeland.

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