Local Organising

Building the National Movement

So far this year the National Party has focused on building grass-root structures. We have launched a series of new cumainn throughout the country. In April we launched cumainn in…

EU Irexit Nationalism

Interposition and Nullification: Part Three – The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom Literalism is the enemy of the imagination, that much is indisputable but it can also be the obscurer of fact and that is something less widely…

EU Euro Irexit

Interposition and Nullification: Part Two – Descent into Chaos

Descent into Chaos The constant narrative that membership of the EU has been to the unalloyed good of Ireland, as an economy and as a nation is unquestionably false. The…

Brexit EU Irexit

Interposition and Nullification: Part One – A primer on the economics of Irexit

A primer on the economics of Irexit Irexit as it has entered the public discourse is a captivatingly simple solution to an extraordinarily complicated problem. Through the mechanism of triggering…


Sinn Féin Are Not Nationalists

This article was originally published in the Burkean Journal. It is published here with their permission and the permission of its author Michael O’Dwyer Connolly. Sinn Féin is a party…


A Race for Our National Survival

The Irish will be a minority in Ireland by 2050. This statistical prediction will no doubt feature prominently in future National Party campaigns. It’ll be repeated by canvassers at doorsteps….

conservatism Nationalism

The Path to a Moral Ireland

The recent referendum has shown the pendulum of time to still be in effect. A traditional country 30 years past has been replaced by progressivism under a veneer of conservatism….


Nationalism Versus Republicanism

Historically speaking the ideology of republicanism represented the most radical of Irish nationalism. Whereas ‘nationalists’ espoused working within the British parliamentary system to achieve a limited form of self-governance, republicans…


Easter Reflections on Irish Nationhood

Easter is a time of reflection for nationalists. The Rising is naturally at the front of the nationalist’s mind. It was a rebellion quite unlike any other, infused with a…


Justin Barrett in Belfast, August 2017 – Full Speech

Justin Barrett addressing our event in Belfast. He discusses Brexit, the Unionist / Republican binary, and his vision for Irish unity. August, 2017