Irish nationalism

Rejecting the Politics of Nostalgia

Is Nationalism Nostalgic? The accusation is made that nationalism is nostalgic; that it is merely a reactionary longing for an idealised past. But this misrepresents both nationalism and nostalgia. The…


Not Free Merely: Reflections on Liberty in a Year of Lockdown

It is natural in the midst of chaotic lockdown restrictions that people consider the nature of freedom. And it is understandable that they choose in some cases to make their…

Irish nationalism Michael Collins

Fine Gael have no claim to Michael Collins, says Justin Barrett

The following is from a press release issued by the National Party on 23 August, 2020: Fine Gael have no claim to Michael Collins, says Justin Barrett The National Party…

Irish Identity Irish nationalism

A Separatist Tradition: Irish Nationalism in the 21st Century

“It thus appears that Ireland has been Separatist up to the beginning of the generation that is now growing old. Separatism, in fact, is the national position. Whenever an Irish…

GAA Irish Identity

The Question of Territory: Croke Park, Eid and the GAA

It had been a quiet year in Croke Park, for obvious reasons. Lockdown restrictions had silenced stadiums throughout the country and indeed the world. That was until Friday 31 July…

Law and Order

Why the State Should Execute Paedophiles: Capital Punishment and the Moral Order

Particularly Heinous Crimes There is no doubt that Ireland would be in a far healthier state today, and for that matter the Catholic Church would be in a far healthier…


Nationalist Jurisprudence: Law, Society and the Culture War

For those fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with legal developments in America, there is currently a transformation underway in conservative legal theory – the strategy adopted by conservatives in the…

Irish nationalism Monuments

Irish History Is Targeted for Demolition

The recent American fad for toppling statues has finally reached Ireland. Among the targets for demolition are a monument to Christopher Columbus in Galway City and a plaque to Richard…

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Ireland Becomes America: The Language of Post-Nationalism

In the past week or so we have seen a level of hysteria and hypocrisy which is scarcely believable. We have seen Irish people, stir crazy perhaps from lockdown, burst…


Irish Lives Matter: The Government Have Abdicated Moral Authority

For the past three months the authorities north and south have made extraordinary demands on the Irish people. They have done so on the basis of a public health emergency….