Being Irish Means They’re Guilty

Reflections on events in Newtown Mountkennedy

Over the past few days, those of us who know better than to trust Regime-aligned media have looked on in horror as the small town of Newtown Mountkennedy was set upon by the organs of the State, in an attack which can only be described as vicious.

The local people of the town have been protesting for over 6 weeks against the plantation of 160 male invaders into their small community; these men are to be stuffed into tents on the site of a derelict building just outside of the town. Obviously, these people presented no serious threat to the State nor the site in question: relationships with local Gardaí were positive and the locals – being polite, Irish people of good manner, as so many of us are – conducted themselves impeccably.

In contrast, the State saw fit to send down the Constables of the Public Order Unit to bully protesting locals while plant and machinery were moved into the site by contractors. Notably, these contractors arrived in balaclavas, and reportedly were removing the licence plates from their vehicles, in an attempt to avoid being identified.

These contemptuous actions inevitably increased tensions, to the point a meeting was brokered by the Gardaí between the people of Newtown Mountkennedy and the site owners – who are paid by the State and are, therefore, representatives of the State in essence.

This perfidious State immediately reneged on the deal, sending its Constables along with the contractors to the site at 2:00am to continue works. This betrayal was met with righteous anger by the locals, who had been deceived by the Regime. Their reward was to be manhandled by the Constabulary and threatened with pepper spray.

When the locals did not back down in the face of this escalation and provocation, the government decided to take a page out of the British State’s manual and deploy its B-Specials. It is no coincidence that not only are the Gardaí led by ex-PSNI Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris, but their recruitment has been outsourced to a UK firm on a €4m contract. What we can say for sure, knowing how the British State operates, is that An Garda Síochána are from the bottom to the top now controlled by the British security apparatus.

What followed this deployment was as despicable as it was farcical, as the B-Specials charged the protestors with the kind of ferocity one can only imagine British Army soldiers felt dispersing riots in Derry in the 70s. They began to liberally “apply order”.

So liberal were they with this order that they felt the need to send out a clearance patrol into the town itself, almost a kilometre away from the site of the protest, and continue “applying order” to people outside of their very own homes. So zealous were the B-Specials in their need to police the situation that not even middle-aged ladies were spared their brutality, as they were shoved to the ground; others were simply pepper sprayed in their own estates.

The whores of the State which occupy media outlets such as RTE and Virgin Media immediately took to blaming the locals, claiming that they were solely responsible for their own beatings. They were quick to claim that these were the consequences of “outside agitation”, despite the fact everyone arrested that night was from the town itself.

Of course, we all know we are governed by liars, assisted by liars to maintain their power.

What this will result in is a very rapid crisis of legitimacy. The stooges which occupy the highest offices of our land bleat constantly about a “threat to democracy” – the frame of course being that they represent the will of the people and thus their power is legitimate. However, the Irish people are not stupid; there is an ocean of difference between a baton and a ballot, and it is the former and not the latter which the Regime is increasingly attempting to govern by. It does not escape memory that Drew Harris has a 98.7 per cent disapproval rating among his own men. Our own Taoiseach, Simon Harris, barely slithered into his seat on the 15th count. Helen McEntee’s Department of Justice is, according to recent inside reports, a sinking ship. What’s keeping these people in position isn’t democracy, but their usefulness to some other power.

Meanwhile, every alternative party in Ireland is focusing on its candidacies for the local elections – focusing on getting Nationalists elected to positions where we can make a difference, modest though those positions may be.

Do our elites think that nobody notices this dissimilarity? Do they seriously believe that if their minions in State-approved media simply don’t talk about these things then nobody knows they’re happening? Are they liars, or are they stupid? Do they seriously believe they can continue to beat and pepper-spray people outside of their homes, and that we will happily continue being good little economic units and forget the things we’ve seen?

A crisis of legitimacy means a struggle for power. What form that struggle will take is known only to Fate, but the concern in everyone’s mind is escalating violence. Realistically, this isn’t possible at this point in time – anyone who believes otherwise doesn’t understand the extreme levels of organisation and discipline which go into the kind of campaign that would actually result in throwing off the yoke of our current masters. Complicating this matter further is the palpable influence of the British security apparatus behind the scenes, which has had decades of experience in maintaining an almost demonic level of control over the reins of power.

But how many more migrant centres, how many more sexual assaults, how many more murders need to be perpetrated by foreign men against our own before people start acting in dangerous and unpredictable ways? With the EU Migration Pact looking likely to pass and drown us in a minimum of 30,000 migrants per year, we likely won’t have to wait long. Despite its strong showing in Newtown Mountkennedy, the State doesn’t have the resources both to protect the Irish people against criminal groups flooding this country and to beat down our dissent against that very flood.

It seems as if Ireland’s society is bifurcating. There is no point in lamenting this current; its forces manifest at a level deeper than any one person can control. Instead, we need to prepare ourselves for a long struggle. The point has been made before that we are in a war of belief; for the coming hardship, only those who believe in their principles will have the power and the will to steady the ship and ferry us all to safe harbour. Nationalism provides us with a ready-made system of principles and standards which can form the bedrock of this belief. Your beliefs inform your allegiances, and needed those allegiances will be.

The time is coming quickly to pin one’s colours to the mast. If we want to survive the voyage through this approaching storm to see the calm waters on the other side, we must learn to steady ourselves in the face of the crashing, violent waves like those which broke upon the people of Newtown Mountkennedy.

One day a Captain will take the helm. We must keep ourselves afloat until that day.


This article was submitted by National Party Carlow representative and local election candidate for Carlow-Tullow LEA Daeln Murphy.