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The Road to Zion: The “Conservative Movement” in Ireland

  “Unfortunately for Ireland, Catholic Emancipation was carried in 1829. ‘Respectable Catholics’ were contented, and became West Britons from that day.” — John Mitchel Just as the parasite on modern…

Irish nationalism

Rejecting the Politics of Nostalgia

Is Nationalism Nostalgic? The accusation is made that nationalism is nostalgic; that it is merely a reactionary longing for an idealised past. But this misrepresents both nationalism and nostalgia. The…


Countering Ideological Fatigue

One thing I have noticed over the past few months is the effect which ideological fatigue can sometimes have on myself as well as on other nationalists. Of course, a…


After Blasphemy

On the 26th of October, Irish citizens will be once again asked to vote in a referendum. This referendum won’t be about looking for a mandate to fix any of…


PESCO: Meaning and mechanisms

On the 7th of December 2017, Dáil Éireann approved, 75 to 42, for Ireland to join the PESCO (permanent structured cooperation) initiative promising deeper EU cooperation on military affairs, with…


Vote National Party?

With the prospect of a General Election looming, possibly before or immediately after Christmas, the question is posed “Will the National Party be running candidates?” either as Independents, or if…