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The Attack on Nationality and Community in Modern Ireland

My younger sister graduated from primary school today and having a lot of locals in the parish hall celebrating really made me think about community. From my experience with spending…

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The Liberal Promised Land That Can Never Be

There’s a pilgrimage that today’s liberal leftist elites seem to be walking on. This great hope of reaching the liberal “promised land” where all disparities within society will be erased…


Nationalism Versus Republicanism

Historically speaking the ideology of republicanism represented the most radical of Irish nationalism. Whereas ‘nationalists’ espoused working within the British parliamentary system to achieve a limited form of self-governance, republicans…

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Know Your Enemy – We Need Constructive Euroscepticism

A maxim old, a maxim new: “Know your enemy.” It’s a phrase one could largely presume to be common sense, and yet seemingly we as people tend to lack it…

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Ongoing Concerns About the Lisdoonvarna Direct Provision Centre

In the spring of this year our town Lisdoonvarna was changed overnight. In a secret deal planned between the Department of Justice and the White Hotel Group (a business owned…

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Tomorrow’s referendum

Tomorrow’s Referendum This referendum’s significance for the future trajectory of the country has not been lost on me, or on many fellow campaigners – on both sides. Whether we vote…


Why Death is Not a Choice

Why Death is Not a Choice By Rebecca O’Rahilly I have always been pro life. I was in primary school the last time Ireland faced the question of abortion. It…


Easter Reflections on Irish Nationhood

Easter is a time of reflection for nationalists. The Rising is naturally at the front of the nationalist’s mind. It was a rebellion quite unlike any other, infused with a…

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Ellen Coyne: How Fake News is made

First start with this attitude:   Then listen to this speech: Conclude that these are both the most important questions and the best way to present them: Hello, My name…