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Family Farm Group Meeting – James Reynolds in Attendance

Revolution is underway in the world of farming politics In the wake of mass protests across continental Europe, the age-old conflict between agriculture and bureaucratic power has reached a fever-pitch….

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Populism or Nationalism? – Views from a Member of Óige Náisiúnach

The international media has been captivated by the campaigns underway in the United States for the White House in 2024. Much of this attention has centred on Donald Trump’s bid…

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“Who is Ireland’s Enemy?”: Israel-Palestine War

“Who is Ireland’s Enemy?”: Israel-Palestine War The conflagration which reached a new level in Gaza on Saturday, 7th October, has undoubtedly become the largest story in the world, overshadowing even…

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No compromise on the road to victory

We often hear that perhaps we should be “more realistic” and compromise on basic positions in order to “win over people” or even worse “get more positive media coverage”. We…


The Activist Judiciary

As one passes Smithfield on the Luas, ponder for a moment on the Courts situated to the left and right-hand sides. Many of us hope never to see the inside…

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The Attack on Nationality and Community in Modern Ireland

My younger sister graduated from primary school today and having a lot of locals in the parish hall celebrating really made me think about community. From my experience with spending…

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The Liberal Promised Land That Can Never Be

There’s a pilgrimage that today’s liberal leftist elites seem to be walking on. This great hope of reaching the liberal “promised land” where all disparities within society will be erased…


Nationalism Versus Republicanism

Historically speaking the ideology of republicanism represented the most radical of Irish nationalism. Whereas ‘nationalists’ espoused working within the British parliamentary system to achieve a limited form of self-governance, republicans…

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Know Your Enemy – We Need Constructive Euroscepticism

A maxim old, a maxim new: “Know your enemy.” It’s a phrase one could largely presume to be common sense, and yet seemingly we as people tend to lack it…