The Presidential Elections in the US are important here, whether we like it or not. The perceived direction of the World’s largest military and economic power can’t be of no concern, though if we are truthful to ourselves prior to 2016 the outcome of elections was side stage substance. The general direction of that military and economic power was going to be along the same lines anyway and even the devil wasn’t interested in involving himself in the detail. Watching the results come in was event-junkie stuff, not the marking of geo-political analysis.

The election of President Donald Trump changed all that. He shouldn’t have been the Republican nominee in the first place, and having achieved that he certainly wasn’t to win the election proper. The Democratic Party machine took the candidacy of Bernie Sanders seriously and moved swiftly and decisively to scotch that nomination. But Donald Trump was a joke… After the nomination the laughter was extended to the whole Republican Party. Not to worry. Except he won. I don’t like to amplify already populist simplism but no phrase has arrived in the last four years that explains it better than Trump Derangement Syndrome. The normal language of political discourse was dropped in favour of nonsense. Statements by the President were not simply taken out of context, some things were made up entirely and most incredibly of all we were told what was actually said and asked to hear the exact opposite. If you didn’t subscribe you were just a bad person, that’s it.

In truth the Administration of Trump was a crashing disappointment for his most radical supporters. The difference from previous Republicans was a total disregard for polite process, not law, crucially not law, but process and its politeness. His true crime was to ramp up language and kill less people. Barack Obama spoke nice and murdered by the hundred thousand. You can visit a Plaza in his honour just off the M7 on the Tipperary border, but don’t hold your breath for the Trump equivalent. It’s all about the numbers of bombs you drop on the Middle East or something, the more the better basically. In any case Donald Trump did not “Make America Great Again”, he made a few things better and a few things worse. All in all, same.

But he wasn’t supposed to be President. If he kept to the general policy direction he went off script, said things you’re not allowed to say and pushed the edges of allowable thought and allowable examination. For a man who was supposedly not very bright he let loose forces which made America think again. Above all else the President of the United States has been chosen long before the election at least since Woodrow Wilson, and Donald J. Trump committed the cardinal crime of not being the chosen one. And then he did it again. Having monumentally messed up in 2016, having engaged the machinery of the Deep State to engineer a fake impeachment, having filled every news channel and paper with vitriol, having turned the “free” social media platforms into censorship zones, the choosers decided to exert some real muscle. There was a wide field of candidates surely in the Democratic Party, both declared and not, to beat Trump. They chose Joe Biden.

I challenge anyone to show enthusiasm for Joe Biden. A candidate incapable of summoning a defence of his own mental fitness for office without descending into indecipherable gibberish, not politic talk, just stumbling nonsense. And it happened again and again. So much so that his campaign adopted a deliberate strategy of allowing the electorate to see as little as possible of him all the better to concentrate the TDS. It was as if a show of strength was required; We can elect the demented when our minds are focused. Except they couldn’t, not with legal ballots anyway.

To the argument, put forward occasionally in Ireland, that this or that referendum or election result was rigged my answer has always been consistent. Referenda and elections are rigged before polling day with narrowly framed debate within biased media and lashings of money for the establishment parties or duly approved “insurgent” parties which can in any case be kept out of power by crafted coalitions until they are tamed. Rigging an election vote wide out in the open is an impossible task or rather it is an impossible task to do so secretly. I’ve always pointed out the raw number of conspirators both high and low that would be required to carry it out as damning evidence that there’s no way of doing it without getting caught. I have further pointed out the obvious fact that in those countries that do rigged elections they always get caught. Always.

To a degree that is intended. The “elected” dictator returns to his second, third or fifteenth term as President on foot of an election so self-evidently fraudulent that it is a signal reminder to the captive population that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. They are powerless and will remain powerless, and to show them that clearly the fix must be put in the broad light of day or if at night, then plainly visible anyway.

The Democratic Party in the United States added a new twist. They decided to choose and “elect” a candidate who is clearly in middle stage cognitive decline. They largely hid him from the general public, itself a guarantee for a failed campaign and then ran it from the newsrooms of the mainstream media, print and broadcast. They even had Fox in on the coup de grâce. The mega-tech companies were there as expected banning and censoring like never before. They had a “virtual candidate”, unelectable by any normal measure, and they were going to elect him, a model of the future. Excepting future candidates will likely be allowed to be articulate and… awake. But this was Brave New World stuff. We can do anything. And if you think the polls were wrong, think again, they were the ones to manipulate the plebeians, the real ones had roughly the real results.

Then having lost in the middle of the night out came the machines for the sleeping mass to wake up to President-Elect Joe Biden. Never mind that the term President-Elect has never been used before until the last vote is counted and the other candidate has conceded. Whole states switched, glitches accounted for hundreds of thousands of votes and hey if you didn’t see the scam because you were thrown out of the room then there is no evidence. The most secure election in American history delivered against a backdrop that would have you believe that mail in ballots are more reliable than in person voting? And vicious insult, no wonder BLM are mad, Joe Biden is more popular than Barack Obama and not by a small margin. Well he had to be if they were to overtake Trump!

Now let’s put our feet back on the ground. President Donald Trump was re-elected the 45th President of the United States on Nov. 4th 2020 by landslide. That is a fact. You may not like it, even as someone of the Right you may not like it. The only demographic he dropped a bit (5%) were White Males. He will most likely proceed now through various legal challenges as anticipated all the way to the Supreme Court and there he will fail. And then on January 20th 2021, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. will be inaugurated with all pomp and ceremony as the “46th”.

Streets won’t go up in flames, shops won’t get looted, police cars won’t get burnt out, I doubt anyone innocent will get killed. Many people will march, peacefully, though heavily armed, make their disgust known and go home. And plan, because that’s what counter-revolutionaries do.

The Left-sold narrative that Biden is an “old white guy” will start the flames and looting quickly enough. Biden/Harris will deliver on nothing except the anarchy of inertia. The United States meanwhile will descend into that mayhem of what is jovially referred to as low level violence, but not in pockets like Portland as before, but everywhere that is not solid Red Republican. Never mind solid Blue Democrat, some of the worst things will happen there where there is neither Law nor vigilante law. The sight of Liberals queuing to buy guns as the Biden administration pushes for control and confiscation will provide some macabre amusement. Oh, and George Wallace, remember him, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”, well that’s making a comeback big time.

A few years ago, when canvassing support for the would-be National Party someone put it to me whether I believed in “propositional nationalism”. In my ignorance I had never heard the term before but in my favour I am not adverse either to ask about that which I do not know. It is sometimes confused, I think, with civic as opposed to ethnic nationalism but upon examination it seems to me that there exists no other example of propositional nationalism in the true sense, except the United States. Civic is a term used by frightened conservatives who don’t want mean things said about them by liberals, but they get said anyway. Ethnic is used by people who understand the only meaning nationalism can really have if it is to have any.

Propositional, at least it seems to me, exists and has existed only in the United States. Strictly speaking it means a people, random in most senses, ethnic, cultural, religious, lingual, etc. but bound together by a powerful myth, up to and including the point where they refer to themselves as a Nation unironically. And indeed they have been known to make sacrifices, even the ultimate sacrifice, under the spell of that myth. Just because the thing is at baseline weak in line of reasoning has not meant that it failed to exercise some considerable power. There can be no nuance in a “national myth” however, it must be believed absolutely by the engulfing mass, over a protracted period of time and be submitted to no serious doubt.

In America it rests primarily on two documents. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. All things flow from these fonts, vast armies set in motion, huge economies built, incalculable technological advances, every outward form in fact of a successful civilisation. At the centre, paper. “We hold these truths to be self evident”, except they aren’t, the Constitution was hardly written by “We the People” any more than any other legal document. But hey if it works it works right?

Well right. Right up until it doesn’t. Right up until the Declaration of Independence from the arbitrary power of a London Parliament where you have no representation is replaced by elections that have no meaning and everyone knows it. Right up until the trade is one tyrant King 4,000 miles away to 4,000 tyrants counting illegal votes one mile away. The myth worked on belief, primary among them free and fair elections, and without the myth, there is no proposition made and without the proposition it is revealed there never was a Nation in the European essence.

That put simply is how you know it’s a derangement syndrome. Two hundred and some years of a hugely successful and abundantly profitable, albeit not always beneficial to the inhabitants or to the World at large, brought to a glass shattering halt to prove a minor point. The powers that be did not want four more years of Donald Trump as President, though he had done nothing meaningful against their core interests and was not likely to in the future. They set up a risible buffoon as his opponent to remind the world that they could literally make anyone President when they put their mind to it. And when all else failed they stole the election wide out in the open thinking it perhaps a humiliation for Donald Trump, but enacting instead a ritual humiliation of the American people and the founding mythology of the “Nation”. Even Never Trumpers and Biden supporters are queasy.

The country is still in a state of shock. It will come out of it, and it will come out of it far angrier than in 1776. Watch for the first motion for secession introduced into the first legislature by someone you’ve never heard of, in a State that you may never have heard of. It will fail. It will not be the last motion, nor the last State, and with each successive proposal the number of votes for them will grow. Joe Biden will not be President of the United States of America in 2024 and neither will Kamala Harris. Antifa, it seems were right, but not in a way they could possibly have imagined:

No Trump. No Wall. No USA at all.

Justin Barrett
Ceannaire an Pháirtí Náisiúnta

This article was written by Justin Barrett, National Party Leader. If you would like to submit an article for publication on the National Party website, follow this link.