This year, 2018, marks the centenary of the astonishing victory of the Irish nation in delivering the mandate for independence. Sinn Féin, as the political movement of Irish nationalism, won 73 of 105 parliamentary seats and went on to establish the sovereign Irish Republic. Ten years prior to 1918 the prospect of anything other than continued pleading for Home Rule looked impossible. However, by sheer force of will and determination, the Irish nation congregated together for the radical ideal of Irish independence. Those years of heroic national fervour are surely some of the most glorious years in our history.

At these centenary anniversaries it is often the practice to ‘review’ how far we have come, what has changed and what we can learn from the events of the past. This is the regime’s view of Irish history, a nod and a shrug to our heroic history and then to forget all about it until the next ribbon-cutting. Then to continue squabbling over banal issues at best or to positively blaspheme the work of those great Irish revolutionaries of the past at worst. In 2018 we are posed with the most significant challenge this country has faced for decades, namely the abortion referendum.

This referendum is not just another meaningless straw poll. This is truly a vote on the soul of the Irish nation. Those supporters of abortion are not revolutionaries. The Irish government are wholly in favour of abortion, the Irish and international press are wholly in favour of abortion, even the so-called opposition – who usually take the opposite position of the government for the sake of keeping up appearances – are wholly supportive of abortion, the myriad of little far-left splinter groups are all wholly in favour of abortion, our European Union masters are eager we legalise abortion, indeed even individual private billionaires (who needn’t be named) are flooding Ireland with money to be used to legalise abortion.

The party currently masquerading as Sinn Féin are wholly supportive of abortion. Their gullible but well-intentioned donors abroad, who believe they are financially supporting the fight for Irish freedom are instead having their money squandered on what is in fact the polar opposite of Irish freedom. Sinn Féin’s new leader Mary Lou McDonald publicly implored the Irish people to “trust women” and therefore to support abortion. However, she has vowed to hunt down and silence internal Sinn Féin opponents to abortion such as Cllr. Ide Cussen and Carol Nolan TD – evidently Mary Lou does not trust these women to make their own decision.

Yet in this bizarre and paradoxical world the position of supporting abortion is somehow radical and a stand against “the system” (whatever that means). At one of the recent pro-abortion marches held in Dublin a poster declaring that “the eighth amendment is class warfare” was displayed by a woman who probably would consider herself a socialist or something similar. However, little does she know that the inherent premise of her poster is correct. The Eighth Amendment is indeed class warfare. But not in the way she imagines it. The ruling classes and its bourgeoise sycophants are indeed engaged in a war against the ordinary Irish masses. They are hellbent on robbing unborn Irish generations of their inherent right to life. Today, we are locked in a war for the very survival of our Irish nation.

Those who think this referendum is merely about a vague “choice” or is about down syndrome or even those who aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about are in dire needs of a visit from the grim reality. Abortion Never is the campaign which will channel this genuine groundswell of opposition. One hundred years ago the Irish nation took a courageous stand against what was then the established order. The pages of Irish history are adorned with tales of such heroic stands against all odds. This year we must emulate our noble history and defeat the wicked forces intent on slaughtering our unborn generations.

The Eighth Amendment could have saved your life. Be thankful for it and let us fight to retain it.

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