There’s a pilgrimage that today’s liberal leftist elites seem to be walking on. This great hope of reaching the liberal “promised land” where all disparities within society will be erased and everyone will be totally equal, regardless of biological sex, class, race, culture and creed. Where people will be totally free from external, institutional or ideological influences such as Christianity, capitalism, traditionalism, universal ethics and their family or country of origin, and where there will be an eventual freedom and peace that will occur when said influences get discredited or snuffed out of society altogether.

Sounds similar to John Lennon’s Imagine, right? But the song, its message and the use of the word “imagine” is famous for a reason. Firstly, it is a hopeful song that encourages people to dream, or attempt to pursue goals that they believe will lead to a better world. Secondly, the song has a certain irony to it, as the definition of the word “imagine” in the Oxford Dictionary states, “Believe (something unreal or untrue) to exist or be so.” And finally, the singer of the song was a former member of the iconic band The Beatles, who died prematurely due to being shot by a lone gunman in his apartment.

Now, what does the “promised land”, Lennon’s song Imagine and his eventual death, have to do with liberal leftist elites and politics? You see, the basic idea of the “promised land” and Lennon’s song, not only represent reaching a place of supreme peace and tranquillity, but also the tough journey or drastic changes that would have to be made to reach it. The Israelites in the Bible for example, had to rebel against their Egyptian leaders and traverse through the desert for 40 years to reach the “promised land”.

“This was because the Israelites journeyed forty years in the desert until the whole nation died off. These were the men old enough to fight who went out from Egypt and who hadn’t obeyed the Lord. The Lord had pledged to them never to show them the land that the Lord had pledged to their ancestors to give us. It is a land full of milk and honey” – (Joshua 5:6).

This is something that liberal leftist elites can relate to as they tend to have an idealistic vision of how the world could, would or should be, when they advocate for their egalitarian, feminist and (borderline to flat out) marxist policies.

Like the Israelites, they rebelled against traditions and leaders they grew up with because of a prophecy that was told to them, of a place that was better than where they were now. But instead of having Moses preaching and leading the way, they had Marx. When these ideas and polices get fully implemented however, we don’t see a road being paved with good intentions, leading to life and prosperity, but instead (as was witnessed with John Lennon) we see death. When the liberal leftist elite’s policies get taken to its logical conclusion we see the death of faith, the family, free speech, property rights, philosophical concepts such as the sanctity of life, universal ethics, free markets and pride in one’s country.

These things need to go, according to the liberal elites that we now see in the Dáil, the European Union, the media and educational institutions, as they are seen as borders that hinder progress. Unbeknownst to liberal leftist elites, their “promised land” shall never be, as it breaks down fundamental pillars that are needed to keep a society healthy and functioning. They don’t seem to realise that we need free markets as it helps to encourage entrepreneurship, the advancement of technology, the growth of wealth and the middle class and the availability of opportunities to succeed and fail, since anti-capitalist methods of running an economy discourages and hinders these things. We need freedom of speech as it lowers the chances of groups within society from resorting to violence when they feel they can’t express themselves, especially when it comes to trying to resolve divisive issues like faith (or lack thereof), immigration and the sanctity of life.

We need to have some sort of universal ethics, since countries with multiple different groups following multiple different laws and rules, makes the society harder to govern and function. It’s also harder for the citizens of that country to get along with each other if there aren’t shared rules or values to agree upon. And finally, we need to have pride in our country (the National Party and its members have a lot of that) because, how are people supposed to even begin to fix or develop our institutions, culture, and people within our country, if we don’t care about it? Metaphorically speaking, doctors and nurses want to help their patients because they care about their health and they have great pride in their profession. If they didn’t have that, they wouldn’t be very good at their jobs and the patients would suffer for it.

Finally, the reason why the liberal leftist elite’s “promised land” shall never be, is because they deny basic biological, psychological and economic facts. They deny the existence of sexual dimorphism between men and woman, which would explain to them why there are disparities when it comes to job occupations, wage earnings, behaviour, and life expectancy. They deny the scientific advancements in embryology that show that unborn babies are human, deserving of rights and not just “a clump of cells” and that culturally and economically, a society can’t function properly if future citizens, workers and tax payers are being killed prematurely in the womb. It denies philosophical, religious and cultural differences between different nations across the world, claims that they are all the same and that we just need to overlook our differences for us to be able to get along. “Hold my beer”, says Northern Ireland and Lebanon. They also ignore (or flat out deny) the failed attempts of socialistic, marxist, cultural and economical doctrines in countries such as Venezuela, Eastern Europe, North Korea, Cuba, China, Cambodia, South Africa and claim, “that wasn’t real socialism”. In short — the liberal leftist elite — are completely disconnected from observable reality. Which is why we have the liberal “promised land” that can never be.


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