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“Who is Ireland’s Enemy?”: Israel-Palestine War

“Who is Ireland’s Enemy?”: Israel-Palestine War The conflagration which reached a new level in Gaza on Saturday, 7th October, has undoubtedly become the largest story in the world, overshadowing even…

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On So-Called British Nationalism

The following short article by Party Leader Justin Barrett was first published on Telegram on January 16 2023   There is no such thing as British “nationalism” because there is…


Easter Reflections on Irish Nationhood

Easter is a time of reflection for nationalists. The Rising is naturally at the front of the nationalist’s mind. It was a rebellion quite unlike any other, infused with a…


What can be done about the housing crisis?

What can be done about the housing crisis? It helps to use some numbers to describe the recent state of the Irish housing market. Current estimates for the required housing…


#WeAreIrish – Twitter Hashtag Reveals the Contradictions in How Liberals View Ethnicity

  On the 18th of April, 2017,  Úna-Minh Kavanagh posted a message on Twitter, under #WeAreIrish, complaining that “our ads, our broadcasters and tourism material” were dominated by “white faces.”…


Nationalist England and Globalist Ireland: The Binary to End All Binaries

On the 18th of April, 2017 the Irish Times published an article by Fintan O’ Toole, entitled “Brexit means Ireland must be the anti-England.” In common with his other musings…