{This article is a response to the recent event held on the 14/7/18 in the 3Arena headlined by Jordan Peterson}

Liberals are making a mistake. At a time when the social and cultural life of the West is under their thumb they have started to marginalise the one demographic that can potentially break their hegemony. This demographic, much chastised in recent years, is young white men particularly those who while otherwise apolitical have grown restless giving rise to the anti-SJW movement embodied by youtubers like Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson. This new culture war, fermented on online forums unheard of until recently in the mainstream, famously birthed the Gamergate movement and may potentially define politics for a generation of young men in years to come. It is why no matter what one thinks of Peterson the event and the crowd gathered are essential in the creation of any new Irish Right.

While Peterson was sharing the platform with New Atheist writer Sam Harris and neoconservative Douglas Murray it was obvious Peterson was the star attraction. While easy to parody it is self-evident Peterson has touched on a longing for authority and paternalism in the psyche of western males. No less in Ireland where conservatism has been eschewed following the lurch to liberalism and where so far the turn to right wing populism has been absent.

Into this milieu the National Party has a rather interesting role to play. Operating out of an environment where the traditional bastions of conservatism have been felled or subverted this sudden expression of interest in Peterson is to be welcomed. Ultimately the middle of the road individualism espoused by Peterson and the rest of the panel is insufficient to address the problems afflicting Ireland today. It is very well and good castigating the latest SJW trend or identity politics in general but without a sufficient formula to challenge progressive domination or even vocabulary to do so Peterson and his fandom are helpless. As nationalists we answer clearly that the only salvation for Ireland is through a programme of radical nationalism with all political and social actions subject to the health and wellbeing of the Irish nation.

For all the triumphalism about us in the aftermath of the Repeal referendum the young Irishmen present in the 3Arena will bear the brunt of the economic and demographic changes ahead of us. It is they who will be unable to afford housing let alone families. It is they who will witness the end stages of the demographic carnage in store for Ireland through mass immigration. It is they who shall be subject the latest progressive power grabs in the social arena. The sense of disquiet expressed by apolitical friends browsing anti-SJW cringe videos has found a messiah with Peterson and for that we should be partially grateful. Similar to the indifference shown to the working class populations of Britain and America who gave rise to Brexit and Trump in 2016, liberals are underestimating what the Peterson fandom represents. In short while imperfect the Peterson trend shows the market and indeed energy for a new Right in Ireland and one which we must shape in our image. It is the task of the National Party to reorientate this energy and to utilise it for nothing less than the resurrection of the Irish nation.


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