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Patrick Quinlan

My name is Patrick (Paddy) Quinlan, I am a father of 3 girls and like most of you I have worked my entire adult life – I was initially drawn to political action during the abortion referendum, and I’ve been campaigning for the interests of the Irish people ever since.

I became active locally when a new housing development was being built in Ladyswell Square, Mulhuddart.
I heard local people had taken it upon themselves to block construction of these homes, as a result of their needs being neglected by the local authority; for example, there were instances where mothers were living with their children in the families back room struggling to source rental accommodation privately. Sound familiar?

I eventually joined the National Party alongside some friends, and we became politically active advocating to put the Irish people first.
Having done this for a year I always felt that our communities were being let down by our elected officials, and that they were not operating in the best interests of local people.

And so, with the support of my friends and family I approached the NP and registered my interest in becoming the Dublin West Representative for the party.

I have for the last 4 years dedicated myself to helping our people, I have written and sent hundreds of emails/letters of correspondence to multiple local authorities, and I am happy to report that I have helped secure social housing for many of our people right across the country.

We need to get our priorities straight: Ireland is our home, and Irish homes for Irish families is what we need.

We do not need countless developments by international finance solely to stock their transient work force, used to undercut Irish workers and keep Irish wages down.

With your number 1 vote I will continue to be a staunch advocate for the Irish people and our collective interests.