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Jean Murray

My name is Jean Murray, and I am the National Party candidate for the Ratoath and Ashbourne Local Electoral Areas for Meath County Council, and also for Cabra-Glasnevin LEA for Dublin City Council.

I am running for local elections because it is now clear that our government no longer represent the Irish people and our interests as a nation.

I stand with the National Party because we want to protect Ireland’s Heritage, Culture, and Christian ethos.

I have devout Christian values and I have been married for the last 30 years. I have three children and four grandchildren, and I’ve been a part of the local community in Ratoath for the last 22 years.

My work background is hairdressing and business, but I feel I’ve learned more about life by delving into my favorite pastime of reading. This in turn encouraged me to write a blog about my experiences and what I had learned and am still learning.

I first became aware of the failure of governmental policies to protect the nation in 2008, when the Government bailed out the banks and left the mortgage holder hanging dry, without job security or ability to pay debts.

Many businesses were forced to go bankrupt, with the self-employed finding themselves without entitlement for financial support, as well as many families losing their homes. An increasing number of young Irish people began to emigrate, never to return.

This, along with the 2020 fiasco in which businesses, churches, doctor’s surgeries and ordinary people again fell victim to governmental incompetence, was completely avoidable.