Nollaig Shona Daoibh.

Christmas comes, Christmas goes, a joyous season I hope for all members and supporters of the National Party and the Irish people, though I know full well for many it will not be, once again. It’s a time of year when we take measure, good and bad, of where we are as against where we were just a year ago and prepare for the New Year, we always hope at least with a renewed determination for a better future for ourselves and our families.

Politically, 2019 promises to be an important year for the development of the national resistance in Ireland. With more and more local leaders on the ground the Party will be expanding our cumann network throughout the 32 counties. We will be finding ways to promote the Party beyond its existing niche and identifying potential candidates for elections.

2018 saw the mainstream conservative movement in Ireland broken upon the rocks of a disastrous abortion referendum. Being frozen out of the campaign there was little enough the National Party could do to try and stem the tide of defeat. The conservatives failed where only nationalists could have succeeded.

In the resulting disenchantment, there has been a palpable turn in our direction across the spectrum. Middle of the road conservative figures who 12 months ago were unwilling to address issues like mass-immigration are now doing so. A minority of Irish people, but a significant minority, are increasingly aware that the régime is now their avowed enemy. And this is no longer confined to a single issue or even a handful of issues. It is a total ideological break. It requires only the right leadership and direction.

The duty of the National Party, we know, is to lead by example. Even when we are criticised for doing so. The abortion defeat has radicalised the conservative right in Ireland to an extent that the National Party no longer seems “outrageous” or “deplorable”. We have stood by our principles and now the rest are progressing closer to us.

We know and knew that Ireland’s salvation would not come from a single issue party or pressure group. It will not come from left-wing pro-life republicans. It will not come from an Irish UKIP. It will not come from a “new Fianna Fáil”. It will come from a stern and determined nationalist party, in which all these issues, from abortion to housing to immigration, are presented in nationalist terms. With the purpose of electing a National Government. Not negotiating subservient trade deals with Britain but making our way in the economic world as free people of 32 unoccupied counties. Not crashing impotently out of the European Union but destroying it as a threat. Not reforming the political system in Ireland but remaking it completely. Not running in circles set by our enemies but actively working to defeat them.

The National Party needs your help. Your money, your time and your commitment. In short whatever you can sacrifice. 2019 will be an important year, one way or another. The future of Ireland is at stake. And the form of national resistance is about to be decided.

Ask yourself simply, when taking measure at Christmas 2018, is it beyond our reach that Christmas 2019 could be better, or even liveable, just liveable for all our people together?

I think so. We think so.

Wishing you and yours the very best Festive Season.

Justin Barrett
Ceannaire an Pháirtí Náisiúnta


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