Throughout Europe and America there has grown in recent years an acute disease of self hatred and loathsomeness for the past of Europe. This is evident in many European countries but it is evident most particularly in our own Homeland, where a false sense of national identity is flaunted by many quarters in order to mask a hatred of nation, culture and people which encroaches their hearts and souls. The tricolour that the Left drape over the coffin of their own lifeless national sense is slowly melting and the reality is being revealed. The reality is that these intellectual goons, full of shame and remorse, cannot bear to look even for a second upon the glories of their own Fatherland, but would prefer rather to drool over the cancerous developments which take place in the great bastion states of progressive rot of Sweden, Germany and Canada. Do not be fooled by the false display of national pride presented by these cretins as they travel to America in their “kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirts and tie a tricolour around their shoulders at every occasion they get to represent the country abroad. It is a façade which masks a deep self loathsomeness and regret for the soil on which they and their ancestors were given birth to.

With Ireland, they associate “fundamentalist Catholicism”, “ultraconservatism”, a Nationalism which must be beaten down at all costs, a religious sense which must be burnt to the ground, lest anyone (particularly the youth!) should dare to spark a revival of faith and national spirit in the homeland. Well ordered patriotic and religious fervour is anathematised by our media and political establishment; they insist that what remains of it be destroyed and that it must never again be permitted to sprout and grow ever again. Dare I say that it was this same spirit which motivated some brave men of noble and honourable cause to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the national idea 102 years ago?

But they succeed. Indeed, our media and political establishment, decrepit and miserable as it is, has not conceded any great defeats in recent years, and the referendum of two months ago has given them a self confidence and sense of victory which most Nationalists, in our time of crisis, sadly do not have. So why have they succeeded in their efforts to rip a glorious European nation of the self determination and grandeur proper to it? Was it the previous generation who sat by and allowed them to move in and take over? Those who, 20 years ago, sold themselves and future generations to the golden calf of soulless materialism known as the Celtic Tiger? One could not really be too far wrong to accuse them.

However, our problem lies deeper than the mistakes of a single generation. Indeed, this attitude of subjugation among our people has its root in 800 years of British imperial exploitation. Those 800 years – it was a massacre! A massacre of culture and of spirit. Ireland, which was destined to be a great European power, developing Her intellectual, philosophical and religious strength, spreading it throughout the whole continent by means of missionaries, became a slave of a neighbouring power. The national sense was effectively murdered, bar a generation here and there arising from the ashes, raising and carrying forward the standard of Irish national destiny and striking with valour and discipline for the freedom of the homeland.

We are that generation today.

Most appropriate for this age is the statement from Pádraig Pearse’s 25th December 1915 essay entitled “Ghosts”, in which he says:

“There has been nothing more terrible in Irish history than the failure of the last generation. Other generations have failed in Ireland, but they have failed nobly; or, failing ignobly, some man among them has redeemed them from infamy by the splendour of his protest. But the failure of the last generation has been mean and shameful, and no man has arisen from it to say or do a splendid thing in virtue of which it shall be forgiven.”


Since the early 1990s, Ireland has witnessed social and demographical change of a revolutionary nature, and by revolution I mean that which ought to be reacted against; a revolution which wraps chains around the people and makes false promises to them, promises of great material happiness and freedom.

In many ways this can be said to be a Communist revolution.

Yet, our traditional parties, much like those traditional parties of the post-WWI era, have failed to create a resilient barrier against such revolution. Rather, they have preferred to open the gates to it! Slowly, Irish life became corrupted by the Marxian spirit. Our national television and other media has since injected our people with an endless flood of propaganda tailored to tear down the national pride of the individual Irishman, much like plaster being torn off a wall in preparation for its demolition.

On a daily basis the news media has not failed to provide us with some story of the horrors of the Ireland of the past, and how the generations before the last generation “allowed women to be placed in workhouses” and “allowed boys to be raped by Priests”. It is engineered to plant in the minds of Irishmen and women the seed of shame and regret for the past, and a pitiful desire to build a progressive Ireland which, in reality, is not Ireland at all but rather is totally detached from everything which has ever made Ireland a nation in its own right. Thus, the issue of abortion was quickly turned into a vote on whether or not to reject Catholicism, as was the same sex marriage referendum before it; both referenda made even worse as the outcome would not only lead to moral decay and, in the latter case, the deaths of thousands, but would also fuel the agenda of our vehemently anti-Nationalist, anti-Catholic/Christian media establishment.

Today, our government uses the framework built by the British invaders to further tear down the Irish Nation. That framework is the lack of national pride, the lack of national self determination, the lack of belief in the capabilities of our own country, the submissive attitude ingrained into the minds of millions of Irish people by those who, hundreds of years ago, saw us as inferiors when we rather had the most glorious potential.

Yet, we must avoid a Nationalism of victimhood. True Irish Nationalism is founded not on a victim complex, and it is not to be found in the hat of he who begs for reparations from his oppressor, or for scraps from the table of his enemy. No, ours is a Nationalism which respects our ancestors’ immortal glory and seeks to emulate them in their struggles. We stand, we raise our flag and we advance not merely for our own desires but because, as Irishmen and Irishwomen, we know that our Fatherland is capable of it.

Ar Dheis ar Aghaidh!


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