As a 23 year old woman, I increasingly see people my age (particularly the liberal ones) not only in Ireland but in the West in general, who demand to have “safe spaces” in the work place and college campuses because they get “triggered” easily from hearing opinions that they don’t like, who are increasingly dependent on their “big sugar daddy” the government to pay for all of their stuff, who demand the degradation of traditional, cultural and social values that were respected and valued in the past and who believe there is no objective morality (that is until they find someone doesn’t agree with their liberal leftist beliefs, then lo and behold! they suddenly believe in objective standards and will label you “far right” or “literally Hitler”). People in short who embrace far left ideologies such as Marxism, socialism, globalism and all of the social and economic policies that go with it.

The liberal youth of today have so much. They are the most educated generation in Western history and yet they come out of college stupider than before they went in.  They are taught by their college professors to believe in equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity. They are taught diversity of skin colour and genitalia but not diversity of opinion, they are taught to see bigotry, oppression and micro aggressions everywhere and they seem to gobble all of it up uncritically.

But why?! They live in countries that have great wealth and that aren’t at war, they have the technology and quality of life that their grandparents never had, they have medicine that can cure common colds or flues that would have killed them in the past, they own up-to-date mobile phones that are basically mini computers they can fit in their pockets and yet they are more likely to get a divorce, live alone, not get married, substitute cats for children and overall not be content with themselves and their lives in comparison to past generations.


The liberal youth also seem very thin skinned. They seem to suffer from mental infantilism and even nihilism. They don’t believe in anything. There is no nation, God, right or wrong values or objective standards. The only thing they do hold to is the leftist liberal ethos and its institutions. Now, notice I’m emphasising the liberal youths as being thin skinned because not everyone my age is like that, particularly the non liberal leftist ones. If you are not a liberal leftist and consider yourself to be a conservative, nationalist, libertarian, an old school classical liberal, a Christian or whatnot you have to grow a pair quicker and toughen up. We grew up in a culture where the schools we went to were infested with liberal leftist teachers and college professors who hated everything that was considered to the right of Bernie Sanders, where we saw people who were considered “traditional” or “conservative” portrayed in the media and the entertainment industry as bigoted, backward or stupid and where having an opinion that went against the modern liberal leftist ethos (God forbid having — gasp — a different opinion!) meant you were considered “problematic” or “not with the times”.

We don’t get ideologically catered to by the modern culture today like the liberal leftists do, so we have had to get “street wise” quicker. Safe spaces don’t exist for us and as far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t exist. If you’re old enough to drive, have sex, vote and work a job, you’re old enough to hear opinions that you don’t like and not act like an overly sensitive snowflake about it. Metaphorically speaking, young liberal leftists are Persian cats, as they live in luxury and don’t need to go out and fend for themselves. They never had to live through war or poverty like our grandparents or great-grandparents did, they are pandered to by the media, educational institutions, the Dáil, the European Union, the culture in general and they have wealth. They grew up getting what they wanted, not only when it came to material things but also when it came to political polices that would be implemented by the State such as open borders, abortion, easy divorce, hate speech laws and government subsidies.

They don’t need to worry about the long term implications of mass unfiltered immigration as people’s wages go down and communities become more unstable, because they often live in safe, homogenous, middle class or upper class communities and work stable jobs. They don’t need to worry about the debt that their children and grandchildren will need to pay, because they got everything for “free” by the government and the tax payers. They won’t need to worry about the disadvantages children face when they are raised in a single parent household such as the increased risk of depression, dropping out of school and substance abuse or the corroding effects of modern day feminism on gender relations, since — according to them, marriage is archaic and is not worthwhile in modern society because women “don’t need no man”, even if they themselves most likely had both of their parents still together when they grew up and are blind to see how they benefited from it.

They don’t have to worry about any of the long term effects of their Marxist leftist policies because they believe these policies are moral and that they will lead to a better society in the long run, even though that won’t happen. They don’t see that a society can’t function properly if it is drowning in debt, when its children are getting killed prematurely or their needs are being neglected, when its men and women don’t get along with each other, when its families don’t stay together and when its communal trust, culture, social cohesion and the rule of law gets undermined because of open borders and a politically correct state and intelligentsia. They won’t see it until it all comes to bite them back, and when that inevitably happens it will be already too late for them to do anything about it, because they are the Persian cat generation and Persian cats don’t do so well out in the jungle.


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