The recent referendum has shown the pendulum of time to still be in effect. A traditional country 30 years past has been replaced by progressivism under a veneer of conservatism.

Two questions remain though; how and why?

The answers to both are intrinsically linked – the why is that traditional Ireland failed many people, and the how is that progressives tapped into this, as Justin Barrett had guessed beforehand (that it would become a referendum on Catholicism).

But now there is another question – how do we win next time?

I believe that the path back to a moral Ireland, one compassionate to all the sons and daughters of our nation, is one which requires the restoration of legitimacy to traditional values. One which requires not that we question the integrity of a leaderless progressive movement based on individuals’ own interest to survive, but to rebuild the gravitas to a traditionally-minded movement.

We need more than party political activism, although important in its own right. We need to become part of the fabric of local society, to volunteer with SVdP, intern in a mental health center, join a local scouting group, or even join your tidy town (I think that’s the only thing every village has).

We can’t rely just on the weight of moral argument any more. If we do, we’ll be a long time waiting for our next victory.


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