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A Republic of Innocent Dead Cannot Live

No one I imagine is so stupid as to believe that truth or even an approximation of truth is derived from counting pieces of marked paper and that the largest…

Vote NO

Tomorrow’s referendum

Tomorrow’s Referendum This referendum’s significance for the future trajectory of the country has not been lost on me, or on many fellow campaigners – on both sides. Whether we vote…


Why Death is Not a Choice

Why Death is Not a Choice By Rebecca O’Rahilly I have always been pro life. I was in primary school the last time Ireland faced the question of abortion. It…

Justin Barrett Abortion Never

Ellen Coyne: How Fake News is made

First start with this attitude:   Then listen to this speech: Conclude that these are both the most important questions and the best way to present them: Hello, My name…

James Reynolds at the Rally for Life

The Soul of the Irish Nation

This year, 2018, marks the centenary of the astonishing victory of the Irish nation in delivering the mandate for independence. Sinn Féin, as the political movement of Irish nationalism, won…

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The National Party and the Right to Life

The National Party and the Right to Life For some reason the advocates of repealing the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution which guarantees the equal right to life of…