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The Death of the Dublin You Loved? What Exactly Were You Expecting?

It is curious to see journalists and commentators bemoan the changing face of Dublin City. The people who accuse others of “fear of change” are ultimately à la carte about…


Irexit: A Muddle of Contradictions

The following are some reflections on the event which took place on February 3rd at the RDS in Dublin. The event was billed as Irexit: Freedom to Prosper and was…


What can be done about the housing crisis?

What can be done about the housing crisis? It helps to use some numbers to describe the recent state of the Irish housing market. Current estimates for the required housing…


Dublin Event, July 2017

Photos from our recent National Party meeting in Dublin, July 2017. This meeting was addressed by Party President Justin Barrett, Deputy President James Reynolds and Paul Clarke. For more photos…

James Reynolds and Justin Barrett, Dublin March 2017

Dublin Event, March 2017

Justin Barrett and James Reynolds address our March event in Dublin Photos from our March 2017 meeting in Dublin. For more follow us on Flickr.  

National Party Meeting

Dublin Event, December 2016

Photos from our National Party gathering in Dublin, December 2016. For more pictures of our events follow us on Flickr.