In the spring of this year our town Lisdoonvarna was changed overnight. In a secret deal planned between the Department of Justice and the White Hotel Group (a business owned by Marcus White, a man previously convicted by the Lisdoonvarna District Court of employing non-nationals who did not have permits to work in Ireland) had secretly planned to turn one of White Hotels into a Direct Provision Centre (DPC) to house 115 immigrants, part of a far larger group who have been previously refused the right to stay in the UK.

In response to this leaked secret deal, a meeting was arranged and attended by local residents and business owners. It was also attended by officials from the Department of Justice. For whatever the reason the officials sent to attend by the government did their very best to mislead the locals on what actually was to happen and anyone voicing concerns about the large influx of migrants were accused of being racist by the small group of pro DPC supporters.

At a second meeting the same issues were still of major concern to the Lisdoonvarna residents as clearly the Department of Justice staff had not reassured the local population in any way. So a third meeting with a simple yes or no vote was arranged. At the third and final meeting, officials from the Department of Justice failed to attend and consequently the vote was called.

Marcus White of the White Hotel Group had stated on radio that if the vote went against a DPC being opened in his hotel he would not go ahead with the plan, assuring listeners that he was a “man of his word”. The vote took place with a large majority of the people attending the meeting voting against the DPC being opened in Lisdoonvarna. Marcus White went ahead and signed the deal.

The plan was that the asylum seekers would arrive in groups. Unfortunately it seems the small rural town of Lisdoonvarna is not to everyone’s taste with two of the first batch going on the run in their first week, only being stopped at the town bus stop and returned to the DPC by an Garda Síochána. Since then it has been reported by local radio that a further 15 of the first group of asylum seekers have left, and to quote the radio report have “found alternative accommodation.”

The Department of Justice stated that the asylum seekers would comprise young woman and young families but this is not the case, as I have seen groups of young men of Asian descent walking into the town centre from the DPC and elderly neighbours of mine have spoken of being intimidated by groups of migrants while walking around our town. Now we have migrant adults on courses organised by the Public Participation Organisation being held at our senior school in disregard of National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 as these courses are being scheduled to take place in classrooms during school hours.

Lisdoonvarna has been changed for the worse by a secretly planned project by the State to put a Direct Provision Centre into our town.

Multiculturalism is a failed concept, we only have to look to the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Sweden, this list could go on and on, all are suffering serious issues in major population centres caused by unregulated migration with the threat of terrorist attack now an everyday concern in many major European countries due to their open door policies.

There is however a chance that the invasion of our country and suppression of our culture can be stopped, it might be no coincidence that the nation that broke the Turkish Empire’s invasion of Europe at the siege of Vienna in 1683 have refused to allow mass migration into their country. Poland’s government have listened to the majority and despite pressure from the EU have refused to allow mass migration across their borders with Hungary and the Czech Republic going down the same road.

I believe the National Party is the only party that holds true to the age old age belief in Ireland as a Nation and the Irish as a people, I believe the National Party is the only party willing to listen to ordinary Irish men and woman and challenge the madness brought to Lisdoonvarna and Ireland by the liberal left ideas of multiculturalism forced upon us by a weak government led by Leo Varadkar.


This article was submitted by George Lambert, resident of Lisdoonvarna and a National Party member. If you would like to submit an article for publication on the National Party website, follow this link.