Historically speaking the ideology of republicanism represented the most radical of Irish nationalism. Whereas ‘nationalists’ espoused working within the British parliamentary system to achieve a limited form of self-governance, republicans rejected this notion and instead espoused national self-assertion through arms. That we needn’t beg the British for scraps from the table, and to do so was unbecoming of the Irish nation. To republicans the ‘democratic system’ was merely an instrument of British control, republicans ought not to degrade themselves to such lowly tactics as electioneering with the goal of being elected to a foreign parliament.

Republicanism is still generally considered by the populace to be the ideology which describes the most ‘radical’ of Irish nationalism. It was espoused by those who until recently rejected partition and would use any and every means possible to break it. The open secret of contemporary politics is that a semantic polar shift has occurred. Today nationalism is the most radical position possible in Irish politics. Republicans have sold nationalism down the river, in its stead lies a cosmopolitan and positively anti-nationalist ideology.

The affixion of the ‘republic’ to Irish nationalism has in post-independence Ireland lost its sting. The idea of the Republic is a cheap prop waved by those who would claim the lineage of Irish nationalism. For any honest Irish nationalist today, one must understand that the republic is not in itself the ultimate objective of the movement, the root of the movement is the Irish nation. The form of government which is most conducive to the prosperity of the nation is the one which we must set our sights towards – be it a republic or not.

To too many modern day ‘republicans’ the republic itself is the end-goal. Whether the Irish nation lives to inhabit that republic is inconsequential. We as Irish nationalists must declare that the cornerstone of the ideology is a commitment to the nation first and foremost, not to any specific form of government or to any other nation. The worth of the Irish nation does not rest upon approval from foreign nations, our national worth and superiority is endemic.

The National Party is the only party which can claim to truly represent the Irish nation at its core. We must be a party of ideology, we must adhere firmly to the fundamentals of the National Idea. If we do that there will never be a split, there will never be a ‘debate’ on fundamentals, there will never be a watering down of our foundational principles in favour of the trinkets of public office or the veneer of ‘respectability’. We as a movement which represents the National Idea does not require the approval of any outside entity.

Those claiming to represent the most radical of nationalism have long since capitulated, today they are ironically the most strident advocates of anti-nationalism while still using the symbols as props in which to deceive a gullible electorate. The Irish people must no longer fall for the smoke and mirrors, just as the Irish people grew wise to the unworkable attempts at parliamentary home rule from Britain we too must grow wise to the subversive elements of Irish politics. The National Party represents the only hope for the Irish nation, I implore you and rally you to join its rapidly expanding ranks and to once and for all achieve the full national independence which countless generations of Irishmen fought for.

Our past is noble, from it we draw our inspiration. Our present is degenerate, from its rot we draw our resolve and our strength. The future is ours.

This article was written by a Party member and was originally published in our Official Ard Fheis 2017 commemorative book. If you would like to submit an article for publication on the National Party website, follow this link.