Liberalism is consuming modern Ireland. To consume is to be liberal. To be liberal is to consume. To believe that man is born free and that everywhere he is in chains. This is to be liberal. For it initiates a perspective, a morality, and eventually an entire infrastructure of human society, which places the individual as the inalienable unit. The edifice of liberalism is built, brick by brick, individual by individual, till it resembles very quickly a vast bureaucratic State. Its raison d’être, the individual. And every dotted “i” is justified as such, by its service to that key abstraction.

We want what we want and we want it now. Woe to anyone who would interfere with our consumer rights. For the Rights of Man are the Rights of the Consumer. Modern Ireland is one window of a continental brothel. Its wares are dangled to be bought and sold. For who or what morality will object to that? What prude? What coward will set a boundary on the march of a liberal mind?

Nothing consumes Irish liberals so much as the idea that Ireland be liberated. Not liberated from the British or from the Americans or from the EU but liberated from the Irish psyche. Liberated from the Irish past and the condition of being Irish. “History,” said Stephen Dedalus is “a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” Ireland itself is the nightmare from which Irish liberals are trying to awake. And by associating Ireland with a sort of 1950s clerical ruralism, they can more easily justify its extinction. From their South Dublin suburbs, they support every phenomenon, natural or unnatural, which erodes the details of the etchings of the ruins of the Irish soul. One wonders sometimes if they send their pampered children down the country to Gaeltacht schools merely to subvert the possibility of an actually radical Gaelic tradition.

Consumerism, materialism, relativism, population displacement, they support it all. And those who complain about it are de facto fascists, and as such can be discounted. Or de facto racists and as such can be discounted. Or de facto haters of humanity, and as such can be discounted. For to care, in their terms, is to hate. For to be alive in this sunken, decaying ship of a country is to be a villain.

It’s telling that liberals invent terms to call themselves, terms other than simply liberal. The most revealing of these terms of convenience is Anti-Fascism. Reminiscent of Anti-Communism which is a term with no referent beyond what it says it opposes. To be an Anti-Communist is not very compelling, that is unless you have something compelling to replace Communism with. During the Cold War this box was usually ticked by Christianity or conservatism or classical liberalism. Certainly in an American context. And one could argue that those phenomena were weakened ultimately by their absorption into the overall doctrine of Anti-Communism. For once you define yourself too stringently by something you oppose, you are fettered to it. It is the albatross around your neck.

People who want to call themselves Anti-Fascists do not want to be called liberals. They want to be called Anarchists or Marxists or Socialists or Anti-System types. But they take money from big NGOs and foundations and from the European Union. They take money from the System. Do they care? Not a jot. They take this money and they define themselves by what they are against, which is, if you take them at their word, fascism.

As far as one can tell, they view the term fascism much as American social science has. They view fascism as the normative. What is normative is fascistic. Anything that one might suggest has a regulatory or balancing function in society. A strong father who raises his children well and who provides for his family is fascistic. A person who adheres to a religious tradition is fascistic. A person who loves their nation or counts themselves a patriot, is fascistic. A person who identifies with the West or with Europe is fascistic. What in 1960s American counter-culture was considered morally unfashionable, is fascistic in modern Ireland.

To the extent that one adheres to tradition, or common sense or to doctrines of natural law, one is deemed a fascist. And if one tries to organise, one will be attacked as such. And that organisation will be labelled fascistic. It will not receive funding from the Ford Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation or from Open Society Foundations or from the European Union. You will be lucky if you receive any funding at all. Because the language of money is the language of liberalism.

There is no contradiction here, other than that the American counter-culture deteriorated into individualism and predictably into consumerism. The most entitled generation in history, that being the American baby-boomers, embraced an Anti-System morality and then sold it to the rest of the world. Anti-Fascism is not an ideology. It is a franchise much like McDonalds. It is a global brand for a globalised world.

Ireland is one fiefdom of this conquest. The language of liberalism only has power here because liberalism is in charge here. We have been bought and paid for. Our so called rebels are our conformists. Our so called conformists are our rebels. And you might as well go out and look up at the clouds rolling by, as tune into the Irish liberal media. For they have been bought and paid for too.

The Anti-Fascists are not Anarchists. They are not Anti-System types. They are not for the Working Class. They are for the Comfort Class. And he who argues for comfort argues for consumerism. It is no coincidence that the watchword of “Liberal Ireland” is Choice. For Ireland is now a supermarket aisle and the freedom to choose is the freedom to consume.

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