I constantly see a phenomenon in Irish politics where when liberal leftists don’t get their way or if there is an important election coming up, they whip out their resentments against the Catholic Church by throwing around Catholic red herrings that distract everyone, (particularly the politically uninvolved and centrists) from what is actually going on. Take the recent referendum on the 8th amendment. Even though Ireland is a country that has now legalised divorce, contraception and gay marriage, where there is a growing demand from certain groups within the country to legalise euthanasia and the recreational use of marijuana, where people who are biologically born one gender can identify and live their lives as another gender, where the rates of people identifying as Catholic (or having a belief in God in general) have decreased and where single parenthood and casual sex are not in any way seen as taboo, I nonetheless see people (especially liberal leftists) who still think they live in a country enslaved by the Catholic Church.

This belief is so strong that it was used in debates leading up to the referendum to convince voters that if they wanted to snuff out the power and influence of the Church, the only way to do it was to vote to repeal the 8th amendment — and that’s what many people did on the 25th of May, when they voted “Yes”.

However, unbeknownst to people who voted “Yes” primarily because of their resentment towards the Catholic Church (and Christianity in general), their resentment isn’t going to simply go away with the legalisation of abortion. They will use their fury and righteous indignation for the next cause, the next chance to disempower and discredit the “all-powerful” Church, the next chance for “revolution”, and it will never end. At this point I just think liberal leftists in Ireland are beating dead horses; horses that have been dead for so long that the flesh has completely rotted away and the bones have been bleached by the sun. But they still beat them nonetheless, because it is a powerful political tool they can use to shame, guilt, and manipulate their way to the top.

They can also use it as a way to virtue signal and make themselves out to be brave and not afraid to “stick it to the man” and be “anti establishment” when they criticise the Church and rally people for votes, on the basis of their resentment towards the Church and the values it represents. Basically liberal leftist talking heads and their followers all get together and frolic in the meadow of “liberalism”, while they reaffirm each others’ biases, beat the dead horses and look super-duper “progressive” and “stunning and brave” while doing so.

But these people are not “stunning and brave” or “anti establishment”, they are the establishment. You want to see what real stunning bravery looks like? Look at people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who speak out against practises in certain sects of Islam, such as honour killings, female genital mutilation and sharia law. She (like many other Muslim reformers) risks losing her life when she speaks out against these things. You liberal leftists, bashing Christianity and its followers, don’t risk anything. So spare me the crocodile tears you so-called “stunning and brave” liberals shed when you go off and complain about the Catholic Church and the Magdalene Laundries — I don’t want to hear it.

Liberal leftists think that the increasingly irrelevant “boogie man” that is the Catholic Church is out to get them in Irish society. Because of this, they pick on low hanging Christian fruit and think they are David fighting against Goliath. They think they have courage, but are weak and cowardly when it comes to standing up against the real threat of Islamism, that treats women like cattle and is being imported into the West through mass, unfiltered immigration. And all of this has the complete stamp of approval from these so called “liberals” who constantly self proclaim and brag about being feminists and the European Union.

They think they can keep using the Catholic red herrings and papist scapegoats because it has worked so well on the younger generation (who overwhelmingly voted “Yes” to repeal the 8th amendment) but it won’t work forever. It didn’t stop the birth of the National Party in 2016 and it certainly didn’t stop me (a 23 year old, pro-life woman) from joining them.

The fact is I don’t see Catholics telling women to wear burkas and I sure didn’t see Catholics ramming airplanes into the Twin Towers when I was 6 years’ old. The more exposure the Irish people get to these things; their communities being changed by mass unfiltered immigration, their wages going down, taxes and crime rates going up and seeing first-hand the soul crushing effects of abortion on their sisters, daughters, mothers and wives, the less likely they will be affected by the liberal leftist tactics of trying to distract them from seeing what’s really going on, by using Catholic red herrings, papist scapegoats and dead horses

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