The Irish will be a minority in Ireland by 2050. This statistical prediction will no doubt feature prominently in future National Party campaigns. It’ll be repeated by canvassers at doorsteps. To many apolitical people it’ll serve as an alarming titbit, but a titbit nonetheless. Vast swathes of Irish people are deracinated, and such a statistical prediction will not spur them into action. In fact, very little could spur them into action. Principles such as honour, sacrifice and patriotism have little bearing on them. Liberal materialist values have superseded these noble principles in many of our men and women.

This statistical prediction is not just a gloomy defeatist view of the future. It serves as the alarming knelling of a siren for nationalists. We have thirty years at most to reverse the trend and reverse the tide, otherwise Ireland will be wholly submerged, and even if every single Irish person awakes to our impeding peril it won’t make much of a difference, as the majority will already be foreign. Therefore, the salience of this prediction is particularly striking to us. If we do not organise and set our sights towards achieving power, then Ireland as we know it will not survive this century.

As time goes on, for every one Irish person that wakes up to the reality of the quandary their nation is in and finally concludes they will vote for the National Party, there may be ten more immigrants who have just arrived on our shores and will no doubt mark their ballots in favour of anti-national parties. The mission of the National Party therefore must be to awaken nationalism in the hearts and minds of the Irish people. That is our supreme task and motivation. If we do not do that, then Ireland will be lost.

All those who realise this fact, that if something is not done soon that the Irish nation will not survive, must eventually come to support the National Party. The Party stands for more than merely opposing mass-immigration. We stand for a whole host of policies which seek to reverse the rot which liberalism has left in the Irish people. The foundations of the Party are the Nine Principles. These Nine Principles serve as our guiding light. People know that these will be the primary objectives of a National Government. The Nine Principles’ full implementation are a necessity to beget a national revival.

Currently there are nationalists who may find they personally do not fully support a certain individual Principle of the National Party. These people may be inclined to offer only lacklustre support for the Party at most or will refuse to support the Party at all. They may be inclined to plead with the Party leadership to remove a certain principle in order that their conscience may more comfily fit within the Party. But for every internal debate over specific Principles, we are deviating from the ultimate goal of national salvation. For every internal debate and disagreement, it will result in the loss of valuable time.

Members and would-be supporters must understand that we are locked in a race for our very survival. That there is no point floundering in pedantic quagmires or jumping down rabbit holes. If you wish to save this country and preserve it for the future, some personal compromises must be reached within yourself. Allegiance to any agenda or issue cannot trump the survival of our nation. Therefore, I would implore all to re-examine your priorities. And if, like me, you place the fundamental survival of the Irish nation as the most important and grave priority then I am confident this Party and movement will endure and will achieve its aims and objectives. I am confident that Irish nationalists can save this country, but only if we stand as a united force. For a house divided cannot stand.


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